Second Brain For Developers

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What's included

  • 10s of pages for better organization
  • 2 dashboards for previewing your data
  • Areas, Resources, Projects, and Archives
  • Notes and Tasks databases
  • Tutorial on how I use it, and how you can implement it
  • Customer support for any inquires
  • Journal as a bonus, connected to the second brain in a way that makes sense
  • Tools that make capturing notes easy and effortless


  1. Who am I
    I'm Damjan Radev, a developer delving into productivity systems. This is a system that's worked for me and now I'm trying to get it out there.
  2. Is this template only meant for developers?
    Absolutely not, it does however include some templates that build upon task-tracking systems I've used throughout my career. That's the reason for the title
  3. Will I a beginner in Notion know how to use it?
    Probably not in the beginning, it is somewhat complex.
    However, I do include an article and a video explaining how to use it. And some other resources to help you grasp the concepts.
  4. Is it worth the $12.99?
    If you were to ask me, it's worth $100, but since it's the first template I'm trying to sell, I've set the tier low.
  5. Do you offer support?
    Yes, for any questions or inquiries, you can shoot me an email at
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Second Brain For Developers

0 ratings
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